This shot included a landing Quinjet, but also required a full ceiling replacement build and background cleanup. Cleanup and roto of the character were done in Nuke. The hole and outer buildings were matte-painted and geo was built in Nuke to project onto with the help of a camera track.  FX provided the ground dust, but it was augmented with 2D elements in comp.
 Original plate showing stand-in boxes for the Quinjet and the ceiling without any holes.
 This close-up follows soon after the shot above.  We see the Quinjet in detail, both inside and outside.  This shot required background cleanup to remove the pole, then received 3 main quinjet elements; the interior passes, the exterior passes and related shadows, and the ramp, which also covered the practical ramp. 
 Original plate showing the ramp and equiptment that was replaced with the CG quinjet.
 This shot was typical of the many Quinjet flying shots.  A matte painted background was created and projected onto a skybox and rough ground geo in Nuke.  The Quinjet and FX elements are then comped on top, with FG haze/clouds built in Nuke's particle system.
 Alternate view of a flying Quinjet, with an alternate build to the one above.  Since we are moving so quickly through this scene, instead of matte-painting the background plates, the ground and clouds were created in Terragen and rendered as elements for comp.  The Quinjet and ancillary FX passes were also created, and the effect of the QJ popping up through the clouds was created in comp.
 Again we see the use of a matte-painted background here, although I have also created some more rough geo for the foreground hills. This shot also has some additional FX work in the blowing grass that was added as a separate element and the volumetric lights for the headlights.
 Matte-painting background projected onto rough geometry for the hills.   Clouds are added 2D elements, and the snow is done in comp.
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